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Efforts to turn the successful series, Le Voyage aux Étoiles into a string of graphic novels have been long standing, since as early as the 1990's. The first really fruitful effort began in 2000, when TSW approached Trois-Rivières about creating a graphic novelisation of the series. This plan was shelved when Space Voyage 2245 was developed into a television series. Following the success of more than six seasons and two spin-offs, TSW again approached BDTR.

Production Staff

Mörsare "Mors" Hemiker, a long-standing artist in the BDTR family of artists and creator of the much beloved "Dyrsygehuset" in Rigsmaal or Swedish "Djurssjukhuset"1, has been tapped to create the artwork for the soon-to-be released series, while Dewidd Ceisicum has been tasked with the adaptation from the original television series scripts.

Production Notes

Following more in line with the original novels, Hemiker and Ceisicum have been reputed to favor a more Victorian-era styling. Initial artwork on display in the BDTR office store-front have shown very turn off the century looks.

Release of the series is planned for serial publication, followed by a grand compendium of each episode.

Production Art

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Vanguard prepping for transit

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