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So much for that is a series of alternative history books by the author Llewfelen Iewen. The primary point-of-divergence is the Prussian victory over the French Republican Forces at the Battle of Valmy.



  • Eagle's Counterstrike (1992)
  • Torment of the Jaguars (1995)
  • Setting Sun, Rising Star (1997)

Book One - Eagle's Counterstrike

The first book deals with the French Revolution, and the subsequent Prussian victory at Valmy. They, along with various other armies from the HRE, procede to march on Paris, and reinstate Louis XVI as the king of France, in exchange for some territorial consessions (such as the part of the Austrian Netherlands annexed by France).

Later, due to continuous unrest, Louis agrees to declare France a constitutional monarchy, along with several major concessions in favour of the peasant class.

Book Two - Torment of the Jaguars

Unrest in Castilian America leads to several states declaring their independence. The Empires of Mejico and Tawantinsuyu, the Kingdom of Tejas and the republics of Aruacania, Paraguay and California are proclaimed.

In the HRE, though, things are going much smoother, with a restructuring of the member-states underway.

Book Three - Setting Sun, Rising Star

Notable Countries


Federated Kingdoms




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