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Snorist governorates as a general term means the unified system of administrational subdivision that was established by the Russians in the newly created puppet states in the lands conquered in the later part of the Second Great War (in years 1947-1949). Most of these governorates were based on various dialect groups or cultural groups and the goal of such subdivision was to further escalate these differences, thus effectively using the principle "divide and rule". In many cases, the local dialects were standartised in each governorate and the use of the formerly standart national language was discouraged (usually in favour of Russian).

The list of Snorist governorates by country (the list is not complete):

Estonia (system existed until 1995):

Latvia (system exists up to this day, but after the fall of Snor in Latvia (1989) the governorates were renamed into provinces and the city of Riga was separated from Vidzeme to form a separate province):

Lithuania (system existed until the fall of Snor in Lithuania at 1949):

Skuodia - as a small country, it was not divided into governorates.

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