Sancho IV of Castile and Leon

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Sancho, IV de Castilla i León
Title: 2nd Monarch of Castile and Leon
 Term in office: 12841295
 Predecessor: King Alfonso X
 Successor: King Ferdinand IV
 Date: 1257
 Date: 1295
Profession: ...
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Sancho IV "the Brave" (1257/58 - April 25, 1295) was a king of Castile and Leon (1284 - 1295). He was the son of Alfonso X. His elder brother, Ferdinand de la Cerda, died in November 1275, and in 1282 Sancho assembled a coalition of nobles to declare for him against Ferdinand's son Alfonso, then took control of the kingdom when Alfonso X died in 1284.

In 1291, Sancho led an expedition that captured the port of Tarifa from the Moors.

Just before succumbing to a fatal illness in 1295, he appointed his queen Maria de Molina to act as regent for his son Ferdinand. He died in Toledo.

Preceded by:
Alfonso X
King of Castile and Leon Succeeded by:
Ferdinand IV
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