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Patron saint of Bovlai and Xliponia, Anira was born in Lim in 851 and died in Bovlai, where she had founded the Aniran Sisterhood, a monastic order, in 916. As first abbess, she dedicated her life and that of all women of her order to charity and hospitality towards strangers, especially refugees of all kinds. This has continued to be her order's main objective to the present day, and has been cited as highly influential on Xliponia's international affairs. In iconography, Saint Anira is normally represented holding a cup and wearing the dark blue and yellow habit which identifies her order. She bears the ring and crozier of abbatial authority.

St Anira's Cathedral (Ha├žetrala a Sanq' Anira), where her tomb attracts pilgrims, is an important building in the Xliponian capital.

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