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Royal Navy

Some notes on the FK's Royal Navy:

The FK can certainly supply top of the line battleships (Commonwealth class), cruisers (Castreleon class), destroyers (Esca class), fireships (decommisioned, Vulcan class), various patrol craft such as river and coast patrol vessels (Thames and Severn class are nice boats), plus a whole assortment of submarines (serval kinds recently decommissioned can be had at bargain basement prices), support vessels, aircraft carriers (Admiral Nelson class), fleet maintenance vehicles, refuelers, patrol boats, hospital ships (Massachussetts class is best), amphibious craft and etc.

If one's naval aspirations are of the aerial sort, one may choose from among several surplus Dreadnought class battle ships (GWII vintage, but wonderful ships to behold and operate), and Pegasus class aircraft carriers (decomissioned in the 1960s). Newer ships include super-capacity Titan class transports, Mercy class hospital ships and the multi-platform get-in, get-out Mercury class rapid deployment vessels. These are small, fast and can be outfitted in a large variety of job platforms. Typical uses in the RN are of the "hot spot rapid deployments" sort. For example if one needs to drop a cadre of special ops into a deployment area with all the equipment and supplies they'd need for a month, this ship would fly in fast, touch down, drop off the self-contained supply pack and get away. Ideally, before anyone on the ground knows what just happened.

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