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Patriarch and Spiritual Leader of the Cambrian Rite of the Catholic Church world-wide.

Rhyssin Maor served as a corporal with the Kemrese Expeditionary Forces on the French Front during the Second Great War. Afterwards he took vows and committed himself to a ministry of reconciliation. After seminary he was sent to Gwregon in Lla Ferch. Despite the decline in religion in the province and the tension between Kemrese and English nationalists, Maor was successful in attracting people to his ministry using ritual and service to others to revitalise the parishes he worked in. As well as his inter-ethnic ministry he also conducted warm ecumenical relations with the Evangelical Church and other minorities in the Province.

He attended the Second Vatican Council as a chaplain for Cambrian clergy. After which he was seen as a candidate fast-tracked for the Patriarchal Throne of Saint Joseph, the highest position in the Kemrese church. In recent years he has mostly abdicated his episcopal duties to a younger generation in the hierarchy while focusing on the sacramental role of his office.

Seen by many as a reformer in the spiritual life of the Kemrese church, Rhyssin Maor's own theological statements have endorsed an orthodox and traditional position for the church.

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