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Revenge Inc. is a super-powered team of vigilantes in the Chicago Press fictional universe. They see themselves as freedom fighters on behalf of neohuman rights, exacting a price upon those who interfere or harm their people.

Technically, all members of Revenge Inc. are criminals, which makes this one of the atypical superhero groups published.

  • Delphi is the leader of the group, albeit not its founder. He is blind but a sufficiently powerful telepath he can "see" as long as their are other sighted persons in his vicinity. In his thirties, he was an attorney increasingly frustrated by the criminal justice system. During combat, he is a perfect coordinator as well as intelligence gatherer.
  • Vortex was a paralegal who worked with him, a neohuman who had founded Revenge Inc with a few like-minded young people. Her given name is Rachel Morgan, and she eventually entered into a romantic relationship with her boss, whom she persuaded to give Revenge Inc. the leadership it needed. Fierce but disciplined, Vortex is an idealist impatient for justice. Her power is telekinesis, which she uses in perfect blend with extensive martial arts training.
  • Snapdragon is her best friend, a young woman who developed diamond-hard scales and superior strength (she can lift/press close to 1500 pounds) during puberty. Rachel Morgan was the only person who didn't ostracize her and the two ran away from home together, two steps ahead of a lynch mob headed by Snapdragon's stepfather. Despite a tough girl act, Snapdragon is actually a gentle soul who loves to grow flowers and take long walks in parks or the woods.
  • Mr. Wraith is in many ways the troublemaker of the team. A professional thief wanted by everyone from the CBI to organized crime, he knows Revenge Inc. may be the only group capable of hiding him. The price of this service is that he use his ability to become invisible to further their goals. He does this, always claiming to be totally selfish, and rarely stops flirting with Vortex. He and Snapdragon sometimes get along, sometimes cannot stand each other. But he remains cautiously respectful/afraid of Delphi.
  • Onyx was an Afroe convicted of murder simply because he was a neohuman. Revenge Inc. freed him and he has helped them out ever since. Physically, Onyx has disturbing, totally black eyes. He apparently has a wide variety of powers, in effect increasing his normal abilities to vastly increased levels. He can see in infrared and unltraviolet, has reflexes several times better than the norm, is immune to most poisons, heals four or five times faster than normal, can hold his breath for over thirty minutes, has total recall and perfect eye/hand coordination. He has perfect pitch as well, is ambidextrous and double-jointed. Unfortunately, he also finds bright light blinding. Although grateful to Delphi for rescuing him, Onyx has a few authority issues and is likewise made uncomfortable by Snapdragon's unrequited love for him. He loaths Mr. Wraith but has a deep respect for Vortex.
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