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Lord Reginald Winters
 Date: 1712
 Place: Carolina
 Date: 1806
 Place: Carolina

Lord Reginald Winters was the 6th Governor of Carolina. He was Governor at the time of the ratification of the Solemn League and Covenant. He was the grandson of Jacob Winters, son of Sir Henry Winters, the 2nd Governor of Carolina, and was a 2nd cousin once removed to his predecessor, Lord Geoffery Hampton.

Lord Reginald fought against the Covenant, threatening to veto his province's ratification. He believed that the American colonies should remain faithful to their home countries, or, at most, should find a new relationship within a sort of exanded Federated Kingdoms, with each province as a new member Kingdom.

As province after province ratified the Covenant, Lord Reginald came to realize that fighting against it was futile, and came to a compromise with the legislature. He would grant Assent to the ratification, in exchange for a promise to preserve the hereditary governorship. He also conceded to the establishment of a Deputy Governor for the southern half of the province, but refused to consent to a division, which many in the North had hoped for.

He refused to cede the western territories to the League government as requested by both the new government and the residents of the territory. He did, however, establish a Deputy Governor for the West. His son, Lord Geoffery Winters II, ceded it to the League shortly after becoming Governor.

Preceded by:
Geoffery Hampton
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Governor of Carolina
Succeeded by:
Geoffery Winters II
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