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A colonial arrangement between two similarly powerful countries arises where an exchange of commercial enclaves exists. Such reciprocal colonies may be large or small, but similar economic potential is desirable. Most frequently, such colonies consist of "enclaves" such as the Indian Quarter in Esca, which is sovereign territory of Bháraþíj Sámrázj. The reciprocal arrangement gives Kemr sovereign control over an enclave in the port of Bombay.

Sometimes the arrangement might include a larger portion of land. The English colony of Hong Kong is one such, as it included a considerably large grant. Since the 1949 Oriental War, the arrangement is no longer truly reciprocal, as Hong Kong was permanently ceded to England as a part of the reparations package. Other reciprocal enclaves in Beihanguo, Canton and the Republic of Shanghai were created at that time.

List of (Known) Reciprocal Colonies

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