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Railways are one of the principal means of transport in the NAL, both for goods and passengers. Local commuter railways are found in every major metropolitan area. Several main lines are electrified, while others continue to rely on diesel power; this is changing with the advent of battery-electric locomotives and Tesla-powered locomotives, however. Steam engines are essentially confined to museums and railfan tourist groups.

Some famous lines include the Lange Eylandt RR (getting out of the way of the crowds at Pennsylvania Station in Nieuw Aamsterdam is a survival skill to be learnt quickly, when the announcer calls for the LERR!), the New Castreleon, Ontario and Western and the now defunct Chesapeake and Southern (renowned for the famous swing hit Ciatanwga Choo-Choo: "Pardon me, sir, is that the CIATANWGA CHOO-CHOO? Yes, sir! - Track Twenty-Two! Then tha can tell me what's new...").

The most famous train in North America is the curious German Zeppelin Train, captured during the GWII and later sold as surpluss to an American buyer. See the news article of 8 October, 2003. Since 2006, the restored Zeppelin Train makes regular excursion runs into the countryside outside Baltimore.

A map of the principal railway territories

The largest and most famous American railways are:

  • Boston and Maine Railway (B&M)
  • Boston and New Castreleon Central Railway (B&NCC)
  • Pennsylvaania Central (PC): name of the combined PRR and NCC; in 1975, partially broken up and saw its subsidiaries split off into the Chicago and Ontario railway and the Boston and New Castreleon Central
    • The New Castreleon Central Railway (NCC): incorporated 1831; after the late 1960s, merged into the PRR to form Penn Central.
    • The Pennsylvaania Railroad (PRR)
      • The Lange Eylandt Railroad (LERR) (New Castreleon); formerly a subsidiary of the PRR and then Penn Central, later sold to the city of New Amsterdam in 1975 alongside the Penn Central's other commuter rail operations in the city
  • The Balafor and Aquanishuonigy Railway (B&A)
    • Western Ter Mair Railway (WTM)
  • Chesapeake and Aquanishuonigy Railway (C&A)
  • The Susquehanna and Hudson Railway (S&H)
  • The Seaboard System (SBD), formerly the Seaboard Coast Line (SCL), formed in 1967 and formally consolidated in 1982 from the following railways:
    • The Seaboard Air Line Railway (SAL)
    • The Atlantic Coast Line Railway (ACL)
      • Charleston & Western Carolina Railway (C&WC) (Carolina)
      • The Louisville & Nashville Railway (LN)
  • Carolina, Clinchfield & Aquanishuonigy Railway aka "The Clinchfield" (CC&A) (Carolina, Tenisi, Aquanishuonigy)
  • The Southern Railway (SR)
  • The Norfolk & Western Railway (NW)
  • The Grand Mississippi Road (GMR), formally known the Mississippi and Western Railroad (M&W)
  • Chicago and Northwestern Railway (CNW) - employee owned
  • Great Northern Railway (GN)

The NAL has many so-called "inter-urban" railways, electric connexions of local tramways ("streetcars"). These are doubtless too many to number, but some of the largest and most famous are:

  • Consolidated Electric Railway (Ter Mair)
  • Piedmont & Northern Railway (P&N) (Carolina)
    • Norfolk Southern Railway (NS); purchased by the Piedmont & Northern Railway in 1974
  • The Atlantic & East Carolina Railway (A&EC) (Carolina)
  • The various interurban railways operated by the City of Chicago in Ouisconsin and Miami:
    • Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin Railway (CA&E)
    • Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railway (CNSM); better known as the North Shore Line
    • Chicago, South Shore & St Joseph's Railway (CSS); better known as the South Shore Line
  • Miami Railway (MR) (owned by the province of Miami); one of the only interurbans in the NAL to offer a sleeper service
  • Losantiville & Lake Erie Railway (LLE) (Aquanishuonigy)
  • Lake Shore Electric Railway (LSER) (Aquanishuoniqy and Utawia)
  • Six Nations Provincial Railways (SNPR) (Aquanishuonigy)
  • Ríkisjárnbraut Ny'ja Íslands / State Railway of New Iceland (JNI)

Then come the "Joint Railways," that is those owned by the several of the greats equally; most of these are short railways operating in terminal regions -

  • The Powtomack & Southern (P&S)
  • Chicago and Western Miami (C&WM)
    • Belt Railway of Chicago -- subsidiary of the above dealing primarily with freight service

A map of the principal railway territories is available online here.

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