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Railways are one of the principal means of transport in the NAL, both for goods and passengers. Local commuter railways are found in every metropolitan area. The greater majority of lines in North America are electrified; leaving diesels and steam power the domain of small mining and industrial railways, as well as the domain of railfan tour groups.

Some famous lines include the Long Island RR (getting out of the way of the crowds at Pennsylvania Station in Nieuw Aamsterdam is a survival skill to be learnt quickly, when the announcer calls for the LIRR!), the Ontario and Western and the now defunct Chesapeake and Southern (renowned for the famous swing hit Ciatanwga Choo-Choo: "Pardon me, sir, is that the CIATANWGA CHOO-CHOO? Yes, sir! - Track Twenty-Two! Then tha can tell me what's new...").

The most famous train in North America is the curious German Zeppelin Train, captured during the GWII and later sold as surpluss to an American buyer. See the news article of 8 October, 2003. Since 2006, the restored Zeppelin Train makes regular excursion runs into the countryside outside Baltimore.

The largest and most famous American railways are:

  • Boston and Maine Railroad (B&M)
  • Boston and New Castreleon Central (BNCC)
  • Pennsylvaania Central (PC): between 1975 and 2005, name of the combined PR and NCC
    • Chicago and Ontario Railway: 1975 - 1982, faltered and was folded into the NCO&W
      • The New Castreleon Central (NCC): incorporated 1831; after the late 1960s, broken up and sold piecemeal in 1975 to the NCO&W and the PR; remaining portions reorganised into the Chicago and Ontario Railway and the Boston and New Castreleon Central Railway, q.v.
        • The Virginian Railway (VGN) (Virginia)
    • The Pennsylvaania Railroad (PR)
      • The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) (New Castreleon)
  • The Baltimore and Aquanishuonigy Railway (B&A)
  • Chesapeake and Aquanishuonigy Railway (C&A)
    • The Susquehanna and Hudson (S&H)
  • The Seaboard Air Line Railway (SAL)
  • The Atlantic Coast Line Railway (ACL)
    • Carolina, Clinchfield & Aquanishuonigy Railway aka "The Clinchfield" (CC&A) (Carolina, Tenisi, Aquanishuonigy)
  • New Orleans & Southern Railway (NO&S)
  • New Castreleon Ontario and Western (NCO&W)
  • The Southern Railway (SRR)
  • The Grand Mississippi Road (GMR), more formally the Mississippi and Western Railway (M&W)
    • The Jacobian Royal Railway (JRR)
      • Charleston & Western Carolina Railway (C&WC) (Carolina)
  • Chicago and Northwestern (CNW) - employee owned
    • The Gulf, Mobile & Aquanishuonigy Railway (GM&A)

The NAL has many so-called "inter-urban" railways, electric connexions of local tramways ("streetcars"). These are doubtless too many to number, but amongst those in the south are;

  • Consolidated Electric Railway (Ter Mair)
  • Piedmont & Northern Railway (P&N) (Carolina)
  • The Atlantic & East Carolina Railway (A&EC) (Carolina)
  • Ri'kisja'rnbraut Ny'ja-I'slands / State Railway of New Iceland (JNI)

Then come the "Joint Railways," that is those owned by the several of the greats equally -

  • The Powtomack & Southern (P&S)

A map of the principal railway territories is available online here.

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