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"R for Resistance" was the title of a comics and latter a movie originally written and illustrated by a couple of cambrian artists. The story tells the tale of a lone Cambrian resistance fighter who wage a war against the repressive government of a future "United Kingdom of Greater Britain".

The book was written at a time when the fringe English party "British Unionists" (who promote the annexion of all the British isles into a single kingdom) were experiencing a surge in popularity. The party had managed to elect a few city councilors in the greater London area and it was feared that this might translate into political victory in the parliement. While the British Unionists eventualy went back to obscurity, the fear of a united great-britain being forced upon the Cambrian people still resonate with some segment of the population.

The comics was later remade into a film in the North American League but the setting and character were changed to make it more palatable to the local viewership. The main character was now a native of annexed Ouisconsin who fought against the government of "Greater Louisianna". The movie was disowned by the original authors (who had no say in the making of it) and it did poorly outside of the NAL.

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