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Map of Yamato highlighting Quiuxu
Capital Hacata
Area 16082.61 SI mi²
Establishment Saisei 13 Gogaçu 4 (June 8, 1964)

Quiùxù (九州道, -dò) is the southenmost region of Yamato, bordering Txùgocu to the north and Xicocu to the northeast, as well as the Kingdom of Corea to the northwest, consisting of the island of the same name and various smaller offshore islands. Its name translates literally as "Nine Provinces", using an old alternate name for the former lands. The name originally referred to the island of Quiùxù, which, from the Taica era to the Tocugawa era, consisted of nine lands, or . Its capital is the city of Hacata in Fucúoca. An old alternate name is Saicaidò (西海道), which included the former lands of Iqui (now part of Nagasaqui) and Çuxima (now a distinct province)

The following provinces make up the region

The island is mountainous, and Japan's largest active volcano, Aso at 5,378 SI feet, is on Quiùxù. There are many other signs of tectonic activity, including numerous areas of hot springs. The most famous of these are in Beppu, in the North East, and Aso, in central Quiùxù.

The major city on the island is Hacata - a port and major centre for heavy industry. Quitaquiùxù and Omuta are also industrial centres. Nagasaqui is the main port.

Parts of Kyushu have a subtropical climate, particularly the Miyazaqui and Cagoxima provinces. Major agricultural products are rice, tea, tobacco, sweet potatoes, and soy; silk is also widely produced. The island is noted for various types of porcelain e.g. Alita, Agano, Saçuma and Hizen. Heavy industry is concentrated in the north around Quitaquiùxù and Òita and includes chemicals and metal processing.

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