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Map of Yamato highlighting Quiñqui
Capital Quiòto (京都)
Establishment Saisei 13 Gogaçu 4 (June 8, 1964)

Quiñqui (近畿道, -dò) is a region of Yamato, bordered on the east by Txùbu and on the west by Txùgocu and Xicocu. Its name translates as literally "Near the Capital". An alternate name for the region is Cansai (関西), literally "West of the Checkpoint". Quinai (畿内) is another obsolete name, literally "Within the capital [region]"

Quiñqui is comprised of the following provinces

The capital is located in the city of Quiòto in the province of the same name.

A rivalry has long existed between Quiñqui and Cantò, rival centers of Japan. During the Tocugawa eras, as well as Meidji, Taixò, Go-Meidji and most of the Xòwa eras, the administrative center (and legal capital after the Meidji Restoration) of Japan was in Edo/Tòquiò in modern-day Edo Province, in Cantò.

Quiñqui is a diverse region, as befits the oldest center of Japanese culture. From the mercantilism of Òsaca to the rich history of Nara, and the culture of Quiòto to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Còbe, in Hiògo. The region possesses a distinct dialect, known as Quiñqui-ben or Cansai-ben.

There are three major aerodromes serving the region, Cansai International Aerodrome, located near Òsaca, which handles primarily international traffic, Òsaca International Aerodrome, straddling the Òsaca-Hiògo border, which handles primarily domestic traffic, and Còbe Aerodrome, which opened in 2006 for domestic traffic.

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