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The Purifiers are a group of cyborg "enforcers", designed by a clandestine group in order to wipe out the so-called "Neohuman Threat".

So far, six groups of Purifiers have been encountered:

  • Alpha Group
  • Gamma Group
  • Delta Group
  • Epsilon Group
  • Theta Group
  • Sigma Group

These designations lead many to believe that there are many more of them, which aren't as widely known. Their uniforms have a capitalised glyph of their group on the chest, and a lower-case version of the same letter on the shoulders and cuffs.


Purifier Groups

Alpha Group

Uniforms - red and white. Symbol - dark red Alpha glyphs.

Gamma Group

Uniforms - blue and white. Symbol - dark blue Gamma glyphs.

Delta Group

Uniforms - green and white. Symbol - dark green Delta glyphs.

Epsilon Group

Uniforms - grey and white. Symbol - dark grey Epsilon glyphs.

Epsilon Group are fitted with nullification devices, which render the targeted Neohuman powerless for a short time (varies dependent on the individual; typical duration is one hour).

Theta Group

Uniforms - orange and black. Symbol - orange Theta glyphs.

Theta Group appear to prefer to capture Neohumans for study, although their purposes aren't always clear.

Sigma Group

Uniforms - yellow and black. Symbol - bright yellow Sigma glyphs.

Main Enemies

The Purifiers are one of the Langstrom Seven's major opponents.

On one occasion, when Owl had been cornered by Delta Group, he was forced to use his powers to collapse a (mercifully empty) tower block to cover his escape. Talon, Feral and Mimic have been captured by Theta Group several times, although the rest of the team have managed to rescue them, with the assistance of the Doom Squadron on the second time (Spectrum, Scream, Glacier and Tethys had all been captured by the Theta Group at the same time).

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