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The Princely Guard is the formal security force for the princely family in Oltenia. It is headquartered in the city of Timi┼čoara and has sole jurisdiction over Huniade Castle, official residence of the Prince.


For ceremonial purposes, the Guard dons elaborate blue uniforms for public show. Based on an ancient design going back to the 17th century, they bear little resemblance to any insignia used by Oltenia today. Dress uniforms are more sedate, but still splendid. Senior male members of the House of Vlas-Florea often hold commissions in the Guard and appear in these uniforms at formal events such as coronations and weddings.

Work dress, on the other hand, is much more utilitarian, albeit retaining the same rank insignia. The Guard is fully trained in hand-to-hand combat, modern security procedures and other non-ceremonial tasks. During riots sparked by an economic downturn in 1994 the Guard was deployed with machine guns and armored tanks to protect the castle.

A cavalry unit also exists, and often does equestrian demonstrations.

Officially, the Prince and his Heir are joint commanders of the Guard, although in practice a career military officer is their executive officer who makes all the day-to-day decisions.

In 2007 some controversy erupted when the Guard established a Women's Auxillery, although that group is not called upon to perform ceremonial functions. Some blamed/praised the Prince's daughter, Nicola Vlas-Florea for this innovation. The Auxillery does perform all other functions of the Guard, however.

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