Prince Pedr, Duke of Cambria

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Prince Pedr is the son of current king of Kemr Pedr V.

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Current affairs note that the King has been in poor health recently. His grandson, Prince Pedr, the Duke of Cambria, represented the royal family in climbing the Peaks of Terforgaen on Calen Awst Sunday, an annual event. It is believed to be the first time in living memory that a senior member of the House of Padern has not attended this event. Pedr also accompanied Gereint XIII to the Calen Yfern mass eight days ago. Palace watchers are following this development closely as it contradicts an unwritten policy that Prince Pedr has maintained his independence from royal affairs, preferring to develop a career in the sciences. Until now his stubbornness has been respected by the King and his father, the late Prince Costenhin. Significantly Pedr has curtailed his lecturership at the University of Bangor for the next semester. The Duke has a partner and one child, a daughter, both have not been seen publically, but are believed to be residing within the Tyrdyr.

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