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In modern Moldova there are two major and three minor political parties. During the 1990s, different colored flowers came to be associated with different parties as supporters wore them to show solidarity.

Major Parties

Since the collapse of the SNOR, the Premiership has remained in the hands of one of two parties, each of whom has at one time or another held a majority in the legislature.

  • National Liberal Party (the "Red Roses") is a center-left party which in general favors more civil liberties (especially for ethnic and religious minorities) and expanded social programs with a de-emphasis on military spending and increased ties with both Romania as well as other nations. (NL)
  • Christian Democratic Party (the "Blue Roses) is a center-right party which is favors stronger police and military, overtly calls for the preservation of "uniquely Moldovan culture," favors protectionism and in general supports a more conservative social world view. (CD)

Minor Parties

None of the following parties have ever achieved a plurality in the legislature nor won the Premiership. On the other hand, each has been part of a coalition government at some time.

  • Social Republican Party (the "Yellow Roses") is a leftist party that favors abolishing the monarchy and curtailing the free market in favor of a socialist state. (SR)
  • Conservative Reform Party (the "White Roses") are essentially a Neo-SNOR party that believes in a powerful centralized state centered around the monarchy and an official church. Their avowed desire is for law-and-order and a powerful defense as well as limited civil rights for Non-Moldovans. (CR)
  • Greater Moldova Party (the "Rainbow Roses") is dedicated to civil rights for minorities both ethnic and religious. Their party discipline has actually given them more influence than one might expect. (GM)
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