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Major Non-League Heroes

Major Non-Alliance Villains

  • AlterGang (Alter-Gen)
  • Cabuqui (Rabbit)
  • Cog (Clockwork)
  • Dark-Shard (Teen-Righteous)
  • Dzavniakk Empire (multiple)
  • Grimstone (Magnus, Amazon)
  • Gripha (LoR, Teen-Righteous)
  • Issarra (LoR, Teen-Righteous)
  • Long Clan (Year of the Dragons (GN))
  • Null (Magnus)
  • Oblivion (TBC)
  • Overload (Storm Surge)
  • Rage (Sonic Boom)
  • Red Phantom (Magnus)
  • Sampha (LoR, Teen-Righteous)
  • Stormeater (Tales of Silverwind)
  • Westside Corp. (Magnus, LoR)
  • Wendigo (Tales of Silverwind)
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