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The people of Kemr New (New Cambria, 1000 miles north of the Samonios Islands in the Republica do Riu d'Archent) migrated from their British homeland in the latter half of the 19th Century and their dialect developed somewhat independently. Some notable features of the dialect, called Kemran New, are words stressed on the ultimate syllable (àsset -> assètt); the replacement of ll with l [L] becomes [l] in word-initial positions; the development of nasal vowels before n; the as-yet incomplete replacement of dd [D] with z; the appearance of the suffix -ig to create informal adjectives from nouns (cach, shit -> cachig, shitty); &c. Aragonese loanwords abound in this dialect.

Aragonese is the co-official language of the province although with New Kemran. The latter is still spoken by many locals, although hardly any monolingual speakers are still around by the 21st Century. The people of the province are solely citizens of Riu d'Archent and have no political connection with Kemr, although no doubt some New Kemrese have migrated back to the Federated Kingdoms.

[Peter C. Skye, OCT-1997]

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