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Nubia is an Egyptian-Ethiopian condominium area. Here's what we know about it:

Jan I: Mind, this Nubia/Cordofania distinction was just my idea, but has no real background. If you prefer to have them together as Sudan, I'm all in for that, too. Likewise, the whole condominium idea was merely because *here* Sudan was an Anglo-Egyptian condominium between 1899 and 1956; I thought, if can have it *here*, we should by all means have it *there* too.

Kristian: I think that with a much more powerful Ethiopia, the Nubians might still be Christians.

Padraic: Agreed. It's not quite the same, being Egypto-Ethiopian, but reflects *here* to an extent.
Speaking of the Aswan dam, would it be built in Nubia? Is it a hydroelectric? If so, then I bet it might very well be built. We know Ethiopia would be interested in such a power source...

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