North Chhuñchheñ

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North Chhuñchheñ
Map of Corea showing North Chhuñchheñ
Population 2,000,000

North Chhuñchheñ is a central province of Corea.


North Chhuñchheñ is bordered by Kieñgi to the north, North Kieñsañ and Kañuen to the east, North Chella to the south, and the South Chhuñchheñ to the West.

The major north-south line of KTX passes through the province, allowing locals to find work in Busan and Kieñseñ, while living in their ancestral villages. With the FastRail-2020 project.

Marble from the province was requested by the imperial Regent to be used by artists to craft a set of sculptures in memorial of the Empress Gacudai and First-President Jean-François Young. They were revealed in a simultaneous memorial service held in Quiòto and Paris-sur-Mizouri in 28 August 2014.

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