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edit Newshour, BBC World Service— 27.MAY.2008 (EXCERPT)— Tibetan junta finally admits aid workers


PEARSON: From the BBC World Service, this is Max Pearson.

Hundreds of thousands of Tibetans still waiting for aid two weeks after the Wenchuan earthquake will receive help soon. That's according to an announcement the Neutral Aid Society made today. Tibet's ruling junta and its leader, the Ganden Tripa, have given leave to the NAS and seveal other international aid organizations to work freely in affected areas.

An estimated sixty thousand people have died from the quake on both sides of the Tibetan-Nanhan border, with thousands still missing and hundreds of thousands still waiting for essential shelter, food, and medical care. Tibet's government has barred the efforts of aid workers by insisting on total control over the relief operations.

The military government's seeming indifference toward the quake victims has re-ignited anti-Tibet sentiments around the world. In his adopted home base in Samraj, the exiled Dalai Lama has led rallies almost daily, and made increasingly hash statements against the Ganden Tripa. BBC India correspondent Abhi Desai reports.

DESAI: Rarely has the Dalai Lama made so many consecutive public appearances, but rarely has such a tragedy affected the entire


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