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edit BBC World News Service — 13.APR.2008 — Private Investor for Tokelau?

SednĂ®r, Australasia — The dire straits of the Provisional Government of Tokelau has apparently drawn the attention of at least one wealthy private investor. Details have not been released, but we have learned that as of yesterday morning, "a European investor" is interested in an outright purchase of the whole territory and developing it.

Much will undoubtedly depend on Fiji's response to the investor's bait. If the offer is too low, Fiji will undoubtedly scoff; and only the Tokelavians will suffer. If the bid is accepted, Tokelau could be poised to see some invigorating investment capital come their way.

What also seems certain, is that if the bid were accepted, Fiji could also see some increase in foreign investment. [PB]

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