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edit NEW AMSTERDAM POST — 7.JAN.2008 — GM's Daughter Found Dead

New Amsterdam — NAPD officials confirmed that Philadelphia "Philly" Gore – model, sometimes actress, and daughter of General Moderator Al Gore – was discovered lifeless in her Breuckelen apartment early Monday morning. Her body was found by a maid.
Gore has been a feature in the tabloid press for years, moreso since her well-publicized arrests in 2007 for driving under the influence. Rumors of drug use and dating members of the notorious Pegre (believed to control most organized crime within the Big Orange) have followed her since 2004, when she was photographed leaving the fasionable night club airship "Cloud Nine and a Half" beside Andre Vaschon, grandson of reputed mobster Pierre Daille. Gore's publicist always insisted their proximity to one another at that time was a coincidence.
Asked if Gore's death was a homicide, the NAPD spokesman said it was being investigated to the fullest extent but that much depended upon the coroner's findings.
Octagon House Press Secretary Josh Siewart told reporters that the General Moderator and his family – including Philly's twin brother Nicholas – were being kept abreast of developments. All non-essential appointments have been cancelled.
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