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edit Courrier de Hispanola, 2006 11 05 - Our heroes (translation)

After a heavy battle yesterday the Saint-Domingo battlegame team proved to the many sceptics who dwells outside our homeland that it was not a coincidence that it managed to qualify for the 11th North American Battlegame championship instead of a well known Montrei team, which was the 7th North American champions.
Our team secured a hard earned draw (3:3) against the strongly favoured Mexico, this way loosing no points and taking a strong position before battling weaker teams of Central American Community and Alta California. Our team has proved that, despite of the war our nation have been in recently, our sports are not ruined and that it is clearly not true that "All the good battlegame players of Saint-Domingo perished in the war", as the infamous Mejican newspaper "El Mejicano" claimed yesterday.
As Jean Arroyo, who played the leading part in achieving two of the three successful goals of our team and prevented the Mejicans from achiving a succesful goal in the last round by moving the flag out of the command room, has said, "This is indeed a great day for our great country".
The next match will be Tejas vs. New Francy tomorrow (Group I) but the most interesting match for us will be that between Alta California and Central American Community - our future opponents - after two days. The next battle of our team will take place in November 10th against the Central American Community.
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