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edit IBAP -- 09.May.2006 -- RTC and Ireland Clash Over South Florida

Warsina, RTC -- A delegation from Ireland was sent earlier this week to discuss the future of South Florida with the RTC. Ireland pressed the issue of South Floridian independence, and that the area should be "germanicized" to win support from the local powers. RTC representatives, however, wish for a slightly more unified South Florida. However, they said that they have not yet come up with a proper plan yet on how to do this.

"We are just trying to help the citizens there for now," said Lukasz Adamczyk. "After we have achieved this, then maybe we'll have time to begin plans."

"The RTC has to understand that putting off the subject may cause problems down the line," said Eoin Ó Brion.

The RTC is attempting to find an even keel with Ireland, however, and said that "germanization had not been entirely ruled out. They did say, though, that they will in the near future come up with an exit strategy.

Whatever the case, Ireland appears to be making plans for withdrawal from South Florida. When pressed for a date, the clearest answer was "somtime after September 2007."[SP]

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