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WITA WARSINIE — 30.03.2004

Conflict with Scandinavia settled
WARSINA (WASP) — Chancellor Sacz has accepted the apologies of his Scandinavian colleague H√łgh-Guldberg for the attack of the latter's foreign minister Bernstorff on the RTC's policies in Florida. "Mr. Bernstorff's attack was of course unfounded", Sacz told the press, "although we have never been after his head. Anyway, I'm glad this most unfortunate incident has been settled now."   Read More...
Government disposes of Aldendorf
WARSINA (WASP) — The commander-in-chief of the Republic's occupational forces in Southeast Florida, general Marek Aldendorf, will not return to Miami. Although officially he resigned for health reasons, it is suspected that the government needed to dispose of Aldendorf, whose autocratic behaviour had offended the rest of the coalition and almost caused a split in the Baltic league.   Read More...

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