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edit Radio Skuoda Transcript via BBC RADIO ARCHIVES — 29.03.2004 15h00

[JINGLE] [Presenter:] Hello, the Town Hall clock has struck three in Skuoda and it's time for the news. I am Heliena Pustuova, and we start with today's press conference given by the Foreign Affairs Minister, Aliesandare Voldimiruove. Paule T'iernuove reports from the Palata Urienda [the Skuodian government's residence.
[Correspondent: ] Today Mr. Voldimiruove gave his first press conference since the Baltic League started its involvement in the Caribbean affairs with the 21 March Danzig resolution. He levelled what some will see as sharp criticism against both Scandinavia and the RTC, who seem to be breaking up in a row.  Read More...

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