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edit WRW1 RADIO TRANSCRIPT via BBC RADIO ARCHIVES — 29.03.2004, 20h00

[JINGLE] "It is 8:00 PM, here is the news at WRW1. Foreign minister Piniatyk is furious with his Scandinavian colleague Bernstorff, who yesterday criticised the RTC's Floridian policy in harsh words. In an interview with WRW1 earlier his morning, the minister said: "Mr. Bernstorff says the RTC intends to annex Florida. If Mr. Bernstorff would have cared to ask me personally, I would have explained him what everybody knows already: that we have no such intent. Our job in Florida is to return order, to prepare the country for freedom and democracy, and to leave once our mission has been accomplished. That, and nothing else, is the goal of our presence in Florida. Mr. Bernstorff's words are a direct insult to our efforts."   Read More...

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