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edit ILL SUL: Scandinavia in Review, 4 April, 2003.

22/03/2003 - Berlingske Tidende: Copenhagen, Denmark SR. Fifty Years of Tsingdav and Hetvotjeng
The city gates were wide open in both cities, Asian and European, yesterday as, true to tradition, hundreds of motorcyclists from outside passed in unison through the gates of the cities to gather in amusement parks and mark the beginning of the amusement park season. But this year, it's a little different. The opening not only marks the amusement parks opening for the season, it also marks the 50 year anniversery of the exchange between Tsingdav and HetvotjengRead More...
24/03/2003 - Sankt Croix Avis: Akra, Gadangmeland SR. -- Jaime Bush: Next Stop, Lousianne and the NAL
Unconfirmed reports are coming in citing a build-up of Florida-Caribbean forces along the border with Louisianne and NAL. President Jean-François Young of Louisianne has ordered troops to guard the southern frontier. He has also stated that should the NAL provinces of Cherokee, Mobile or Jacobia need aid, "Our armies will be your armies; your freedom, our freedom."  Read More...
26/03/2003 - Østindisk Stifts: Moulmein, Monland SR. Dansk Østindisk Compagnie (DØC) says Canton is Still Port-of-Call
The SR government has stressed its neutrality in the recent rise of hostilities between Hunan and Canton and will not get involved in the conflict. DØC will, however, continue to use Canton so long as its anti-piracy activities are unhindered by the conflict.   Read More...

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