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edit BBC Wire Release, Kemr, Sat. 6 May, 2000

CASTRELEON, KEMR May 6 (BBC) We have received reports of an assasination attempt on HM King Geireint XIII at his Palace early this morning. Details are sketchy at this time, and it is not known whether ill Terruin is alive or dead. The Royal Family's spokesmen have made no comment and the Government has said little other than "the situation is under control". The University of Glastein has been unable to contact Prince Pedr, the heir to the throne, who is said to be en route to Castreleon and Curth Rhuial. One thing is confirmed however. A government spokeswoman has stated that Cos Nustr is claiming some sort of involvement in the attempt, but in what way exactly is not yet clear.   Read More...
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