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New Exile is a "steam-punk" anima that is gaining in popularity in anima groups.

It follows the adventures (especially at the beginning) of two messengers, Klaus Valka and Ravie Hede from the world of "Presteru." It is a romantic sky world, with (from the looks of it anyway) two countries, Annatorayu and Disita, which have been at war for the past couple of years. There are two major third factions, the omnipresent "Guild," which sells the battle ships, weapons, and various other things to both sides in the war, and the lone battleship the "Felix," a rogue ship that appears to interfere in as many fights as possible.

Klaus and Ravie are "Banship" pilots, who are messengers, or mail men. They also are racers, and during one race, they see a Banship shot down by a Guild Battle Banship, and land to help the people on board. On it, the driver tells them they must ake the young girl traveling with him, one "Alvis van Hamiltan" to the ship Felix. They accept, and the story progresses from there.

The anima using cutting edge designs and cinematic effects to a great deal. It was going to be scrapped during production due to the high price, but high early reviews kept it alive. It is now one of the most popular anima on the market.

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