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The National Republicans are the strongest political party in Egypt, not really founded but in most ways shaped by that country's former president Gamal Abdel Nasser. They stand for Pan-Arabism, that is, unity or at the very least close alliance between all Arab states and peoples. This puts them into more-or-less direct conflict with all ethnic minorities in the Middle East, but especially with the Scots of Egypt.

Not surprisingly, given the name, the party also opposes all sorts of hereditary power, including that of the Khedives.

But the mainstream of the National Republicans adhere to most of the same policies as their rivals, the Khedive Loyalists. Both want to see Egypt increasingly industrialized, want as modern a military as feasible, desire local control of the many archeological treasures the country contains, insist on the importance of Islamic law as an unofficial basis of all temporal government, plan on expanding public services, etc. The differences in policy between the two parties are nearly identical, with fierce debate centered around the few points of disagreement, such as the exact wording in history textbooks. Yet mostly their rivalry consists of trying to take credit for everything that gets done while placing blame whenever things go wrong.

A somewhat more militant wing wants to establish a full-blown islamic socialistic state and purge Egypt of capitalism. They are in virtual alliance with various Communist groups and routinely claim the Khedive Loyalists are allied with Pro-Snorist groups.

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