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Napoleon V (1892-1964), also known as Napleó V, was the son of Napoleon IV, and father of Napoleon VI and Enric (Henry), and the first sole Prince of Andorra, as well as its longest-reigning Prince, and one of the longest-reigning heads of state of any nation's history, reigning for 61 years. He was only ten when his father passed the principality to him, charging him with continuing his quest to restore the Bonapartes to France.

Napoleon V was the first Bonaparte to be born in Andorra. Unlike his father, he had no desire to return to the French throne, and in 1910, upon attaining his majority, he formally renounced all claims to France.

Beginning in 1920, he opened up negotiations with the Bishop of Urgell on the matter of the pareage. This culminated in 1923 with the signing of the Treaty Abolishing the Andorran Pareage (or Treaty of Andorra), under which Napoleon V became sole Prince of Andorra, while the Bishop of Urgell retained ecclesiastical authority. Napoleon V is often referred to by the Catalán form of his name, Napoleó.

Preceded by:
Napoleon IV
Prince of Andorra
(Co-Prince, 1903-1923)
Succeeded by:
Napoleon VI
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