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The Muslim conquests were the conquests done by the Islamic states (primarilly the Arabic Caliphate) in the medieval era. Due to higher opposition in IB than in the real world from factions such as Libya, the conquests on the east/west line were not as impressive as they were in the real world, hence Arabs instead projected much of their power to go southwards to sub-saharan Africa, especially via Somalia. The Caliphate of Somalia was established in east Africa after the collapse of Arabic Caliphate. Eventually, this caliphate became less powerful, lost many lands to the Chinese and later became a vassal of Ethiopia. During the Arab conquests of IB more of the African nations were islamised than in the real world (especially along the eastern coast of Africa), and hence the majority of muslims in IB are blacks (e.g. nations such as Maasai or Zulu).

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