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The Moxisei Series (If-World) is a popular alternative history series by the author Motosuwa Quirica. The point of divergence is in the late 19th century. China is far weaker, and their Emperor is overthrown in 1892. Japan grows into a major military power in the early 20th century, allying with the Holy Roman Empire in the First Great War, capturing the Russian Far East. They go on to colonize Corea, taking pieces of China, including all of Manchuria. At their height, during the Asia-Pacific War, the Greater Japanese Empire includes much of Asian Russia (including Chukotka), most of northern and central China, Alyaska, Oregon, nearly all of the Pacific and most of southeast Asia. Their downfall comes when they invade Australasia and the NAL. They incur the wrath of the Commonwealth, and are defeated in a bloody war, involving a massive invasion, and the atom-bombing of several major cities. The latest novels bring this alternate timeline to the 1970's, and the beginnings of a Japanese Resurgence, as Japan takes advantage of its position near Russia (a Communist nation in this timeline) to strengthen its position vis-a-vis the Commonwealth. The Imperial House is restored to power, and the Empire reunited. The series is up to 8 novels. They've been criticized from some corners as overly nationalistic, and from other corners as excessively anti-nationalistic. Rumors have popped up from time to time about movies being made from the series, but nothing has happened yet.

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