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Metropolitan Moving Pictures invites you to witness a Kinematographic Masterpiece - a moving picture of grand scope and artistic grandeur! A Quite Interesting Story of Love, Passion and the Struggle to Survive in a WORLD GONE MAD!...

SEE: Battles! Disaster!! Dread Monsters!! Civil War!!! Passionate Love!!!! and


Now showing at all better moving picture Theatre Houses:

  • 9_1/2_weeks_later - the adventures of a devout orthodox christian who tries to maintain his virginity during a sexual holocaust.
  • Amalia of Castreleon - 'She'll change your life.' The sweeping Kerno language masterpiece originally titled "Llo Gran Gwid di Amalia Polan" Amalia, an innocent and naive girl in Castreleon with her own sense of justice, decides to help those around her and along the way, discovers love." Directed by renowned Francien Director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
  • Captains of the Air - a futuristic tale of aerial derring do against invading aliens from the deeps of space!
  • Dupła Wita Walęcinie ("The Double Life of Valentina") - a moving masterpiece by the Venedic cineast Krzysztof Kieśliny about the parallel lives of two almost identical young women: Walęcina from the RTC and Valentina from the NAL, both played by Irena Jakobina. Although they meet only once (a brief glimpse through a bus window in Kordyn), their lives remain thoroughly interconnected until Walęcina's untimely death, symbolising the sacrifices of the RTC during the Second Great War.
  • Forlorn in Traduction - highly acclaimed drama about two very different people coping with culture shock together in Quiòto, titled "Wisse in Commeirdsone" in the Jovian original.
  • Gigantic! - set sail on the world's first superliner: longest, widest, most richly appointed passenger liner on the ocean sea and unsinkable to boot!
  • Jaunge Blone - a series of espionage thrillers based around Jervan special agent Jaunge Blone in the service of the High King. Blone tends to save the world from megalomaniac bad guys by disposing of them and their goons in creative ways and with suitable one-liner eulogies, bedding at the very least two beautiful women (regardless of affiliation), engaging in vehicle chases, staying in style under all circumstances, flirting with his secretary Ms Guenapfeinge, spending immesurable amounts of money, and in general just being very Jervan. His latest movie is Casino Reqal, set in an even-more-intrigue-prone version of Xliponia.
  • Kawars - follow the antics of these animated machines in their struggle to defeat the ruthless master of MegaWeld, who wants to send all worn out kawars to the scrap chopper!
  • Knight Guards - The head of the guard is thrown back in time...and has to teach himself to be one!
  • Lion in Summer - a 1950s era B movie telling the unlikely story of the invasion of a Goliath among nations (the NAL) by the world's smallest nation (the Duchy of Grand Fenwick). Naturally, the Captain of the Fenwickian forces falls in love with a local New Amsterdamian beauty and he seduces her into returning his diminutive forest home. Drollery par excellence!
  • La Fille de la Maison - a controversial 1977 film telling the tale of Virginie, the daughter of a prostitute in Nouvelle Orléans' Storyville district, and her photographer-lover Étienne Delacroix.
  • The Machine Wars - A time-travel story involving a future human-machine war and two time-travelers in 1985 seeking to change the past
  • Mare - an Italian film by Elban film director Lucco Jovio is already treated as a classic film in Italy, though it was only released in 1997. It tells the story of a First Great War-era doomed love on the Tuscan coast, between an Italian soldier heading off to fight, and his childhood sweetheart from his home village. Described by the Italian press, varyingly, as "tragic", "deeply moving", and "wonderfully sad".
  • Rescue of Soldier Ryan - a good, modern war story telling a tale of Great War II daring.
  • The War in the Heavens series by George Lucks are extremely popular. Don't miss Second Son, Dark Imperium, Bright Revenge, Shadow Rising, and Burning Darkness. The next installment is in pre-production, titled Winter White. 16 April, 2005 saw the theatric release of the first fanfic[1] moving picture entitled War in the Heavens: Adumbrations.
  • Witches of l'Ancrea - a fantastic tale of three witches and their adventures in Parts Unknown!
  • World Wars - an epic tale of a boy's discovery of his fate taking place during the Great Wars.

Popular actors and actresses

  • Coenga fih Johan - a beautiful Jervan actress featuring in many recent movies, but known primarily due to her stellar performance and natural charm in Forlorn in Traduction.
  • Alec Lloneir - famous Kemrese actor, known for his large volume of work produced primarily in the NAL-SLC.

[1] - Fanfic is a whole subgenre of fan produced stories based on the original themes of the author. Tolkien's and Pratchett's works have long been subject to fanfic, but Adumbrations represents the first feature length motion picture so produced.

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