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Rank Insignias

Insignias Recognition Chart

After the revolution, a system of rank insignias was introduced as a way to lessen the apparent differences between the various levels (officers used to be almost exclusively noblemen). As such, they are all similar to some worn by enlisted men in other armies but worn on the lower arms, just over the cuffs.

Though it was never spelled out in any manuals, there was still distinction between officers and enlisted men that was not very hard to spot: lower ranks used 1 colour (red or yellow) while higher-ups use both. In addition, the size of the star increased.

The title used to designate each ranks were also modified to take away some of the glamour by making it descriptive (and so less like a title of distinction). Because of that, the actual title used vary depending which service one's belonged to. This mean that "regiment commander" in the infantry would be called "district supervisor" in the administrative even though in other armies they would both be called "colonel". Follows a list of some rank names:


Low-Officers Titles Officers Titles Type
Leader Commander In charge of soldiers on the field
Supervisor Director Non-combat (administrative/medical/technical/etc..)
Politruk Commissar Political troops & oproshiniki


Combat units Other Units Equivalents Type
Section Cell political except for those who were attached to soldiers and used infantry level names
Platoon workshop mechanical engineer
Company Battery Artillery
Battalion Department Administrative
Regiment City Roadwork

Naval Rank Designations

As for the navy, the CSDS' military decided to "proletarised" its rank too while maintaining a system that would be appropriate to the naval environment (name in "quotes" are equivalents but never used officialy):

Seamen Seaman, Senior Seaman, Junior Chief Seaman, Chief Seaman, Senior Chief Seaman, Main Senior Chief Seaman
("Masters") Elder Shipman, Senior Elder Shipman
("Officers") Junior Deputy Captain, Deputy Corvette Captain, Deputy Frigate Captain, Deputy Vessel Captain, Corvette Captain, Frigate Captain, Vessel Captain
("Admirals") Junior Deputy Squadron Captain, Deputy Squadron Captain, Squadron Captain, Fleet Captain

Titles in Practice

Because the titles are a mouthfull, they were always shorten (in speech) following a standard mean so that field commander would be known as (the local language equivalent of) "filcom", a platoon leader "platlead", etc....

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