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Mihail Vlas-Florea, Prince of Oltenia

Mihail Vlas-Florea (born 1865, died 1922) reigned 1918-1922. He was the popular favorite as Prince, but argued often with other boyars and with various political leaders. He was the son of Bela Vlas-Florea and so got caught in his father's feud with Vukan Nicolescu Florea-Doneascu. Vukan's daughter Raina fell in love with Mihail, he did not return her affections and she committed suicide. Vukan claimed she did so because she was pregnant with Mihail's child, a charge the young man furiously denied. Later, on his deathbed, Vukan claimed to have seduced Bela's wife and that Mihail was in fact his own son, and a bastard.

Preceded by:
first to hold title
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Prince of Oltenia
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