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Maria Gabrielle I of Tejas (b. 1908 - d. 2007) was Queen in exile for most of her life and Queen of Tejas for her final years following the end of the Bush Regime.

Maria Gabrielle was the youngest daughter of George Friedrich. She ruled for a short time following her father's deposition, after her sister had ruled for some time, and then fled the country when the Tejan Junta rose to power.

She was re-crowned queen at Santa Fé in 2003. Maria's son Felipe Heinrich (1932-1966) is the father of crown princes Don Hans Georg (1957- ) and Don Infante Jorge Emanuel (1961- ). She died of complications to pneumonia in June, 2007.

The legislature stipulated that the right-of-rule pass to her grandson, Juan Carlos.



Life In Exile


Healing a Broken Land

Mending Fences


Preceded by:
Maria Luisa of Tejas
Tejas flag.png
Monarch of Tejas
Followed by:
Juan Carlos of Tejas
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