Marat Jandos-ulı

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Marat Jandos-ulı
Marat Jandos-ulı Ministiri
Title: Minister for Trade and Industry
 Term in office: 2005–present
 Predecessor: PREDECESSOR
 Successor: Incumbent
Title: Chairman, National Security Advisory Board
 Term in office: 2009–present
 Predecessor: PREDECESSOR
 Successor: Incumbent
 Date: 8-Çavır, Çıçqan jıl 1967
(8th April 1967)
 Place: Aq-Meşit, Qazaqstan Vılayat
Profession: Teacher; Politician
Political Party: Partıya Turan
Ethnicity: Qazaq
Relgious Affiliation: Islam

Marat Jandos-ulı is the current leader of the Partıya Turan, a moderate pan-Turkist party that is a rising force in Turkestani political life.

He was born in Aq-Meşit in 1967, and was a high school teacher for much of his career during the Government of National Unity’s reign. He first entered politics in the early days of the post-SNOR period. Following a discussion of the new political changes and the challenges facing the new government, his high school class persuaded him to run for office. To his somewhat surprise, he won one of the four seats representing his local aymaq (district), and became probably the first truly post-Snorist politician in Turkestan.

Connecting with others of similar mindset, he and several of his political allies founded the Partıya Turan, originally under the leadership of his colleague Enver Qanat-ulı Bii. Marat ağa took over the party leadership in 2000, and has broadened the appeal of his party considerably.

Despite, or perhaps because of, his outsider status in the inner circles of Turkestani power politics, Marat ağa is a very popular political figure. He has been a fairly outspoken critic of the cronyism and favouritism that are a feature of high-level Turkestani politics, and an opponent of the behind-the-scenes influence of the Ilxan's Men. As such, he is not well liked by that shadowy group of power-brokers, but he is very popular indeed with most of the electorate. Tajiks tend to view pan-Turkist parties with understandable distrust, but even a small number of Tajiks are numbered among Marat’s supporters due to his stand against corruption and government nepotism.

Although in the last election (2009) Marat Jandos-ulı's Turan Party won 81 seats, a number second only to the Progressive Party and ahead of the powerful Liberal Alliance, Marat ağa has not been given a cabinet post commensurate with his party's success. He remains Minister for Trade and Industry, and has been made Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board, but many in the Partıya Turan thought that he should be given one of the three top ministries: Treasury, Interior or the Foreign Office. The official reason he was not offered one of these posts was the fact that he is still a relatively junior Keņesçi, but it is a sore point among many in his party and others.

Marat is married to Bereke Äbdireş-qızı, and they have 5 children: Arjan (20), Raıxan (18), Säüle (13), Nurjan (10) and Darqan (7).

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