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The map is inspired by Jay Simons' 2014 Map of the Internet. It depicts the Societad as it appeared in August of 2015. Following Simons' map, founders are shown as capital cities, and other cities represent individual pages, features, and points of interest.

The Societad d'ill Bethisad is a loose federation of Internet states located in the southeastern end of the Speculation Sea, an island-flecked patch of ocean containing thousands of worlds-within-worlds-within-worlds. The islands of Ill Bethisad cluster around the Bethisad Lagoon between the conlanging and alternate-historical parts of the sea.

Naturally, Ill Bethisad is governed as a kind of condominium. Many of its constituent territories are sovereign subjects of other powers. Of particular note is the great power Yahoo, which has sovereignty over the Conculture Group, whose Autonomous Region of IB:* is a key part of the Societad. Weebly, colonial sovereign over (today, can also be seen. The Alternate History Wiki, a far-flung colony of Wikia, is a state loosely associated with Ill Bethisad. Despite being initially settled by Bethisadic colonists and despite its adoption of certain portions of IB law, it is no more than an observer in the condominium. Important smaller parties to the condominium include the Conlang List, which has numerous Bethisadic enclaves, and, roughly half of which is part of the federation. Also within the federation are numerous small, independent islands. Over the years, many of these have been claimed by the sea.

There is no single capital. The original heart of the Societad was the Sessiwn Kemres, a small island of archived emails in the center of the Lagoon. Today the de jure ceremonial capital is on the independent island nation However, the chief deliberative assembly meets across the channel on Conculture, while IBWiki is the main center of population and content. The metropolis of Brithenig, an important port of entry for the whole region, was entirely rebuilt, remarkably, on the island of (today since the submersion of its original site,

Like all parts of the World Online, the lands of the Societad d'ill Bethisad are dynamic and ever-changing, so at the time of this posting this map is already out-of-date. While no one can know exactly what its future will look like, what is certain is that Ill Bethisad will remain a mighty power and a proud condominium for many Web generations to come.

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