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Manaw are a music group from the Bro Aemylad region of Brittany. They play a blend of fuziĆ³, nu jass and traditional Brezonecq music, with lyrics sung in both Brezonecq and Arvorec. Both the music and the lyrics are notable in Arvorec music- the music for incorporating the bombarde and the bagpipes and the lyrics for being sung in the rythmic plainchant normally reserved for archaic Cravethist rituals.

Their fist album, Panicq Celticq/Ovneth Celtheth, sold more than 1.7 million copies worldwide, and was followed by both an upsurge in interest in the non-traditional bagpipes in the Isles and an open-air concert at the 2002 Gorsedh an Ynysaw. Their second album, Nos Lawen Panama has not done as well as expected, however.

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