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Malcolm Silcox (1817-1905) was born in London, England, the son of a Lutheran priest. He entered seminary in 1825, and became an ordained priest, later becoming a missionary. In 1846, he arrived in Lùquiù with the ship Starling, and attempted to proselytize his faith to the islanders. Although he had little success in that field, he came to the attention of the government, and, by 1849, came to be their most trusted advisor in matters pertaining to the rest of the world. He convinced the Council of State, the de facto ruling triumvirate, to enter into the Treaty of Naha with the Federated Kingdoms. The following year, Lùquiù renounced its tributary relationship with the Saçuma clan, and embarked on a plan of modernization. He came to so thoroughly dominate the court that he was often nicknamed "King Malcom" or "the Foreign King".

In 1854, he married the daughter of a high-ranking nobleman, and fathered two daughters, Arisa (1855-1927) and Nanami (1856-1937). Nanami went on to marry Ninomiya Masahiro, a Yamatonchu immigrant, in 1884. Her grandson Tacao would become King Gù Lù.

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