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Mabel Drummond (1918 - 1991) was an actress in the NAL perhaps best known for being the last person known to have seen Jayne Barlowe alive.

Born in Carolina, Mabel Drummond was one of six children and the youngest of three daughters. She was pretty, with a gift for comedy which she liked to show off in local amateur productions. As the motion picture industry took off, she headed to New Amsterdam to make her fortune. Her boyfriend Frank Bell accompanied her.

Mabel herself proved as charming and popular as her boyfriend was pretentious and moody. His jealous rages became slightly notorious, made worse as he failed to find work. Still, he did help when she became addicted to drugs and--with the aid of Jayne Barlowe (who had befriended Mabel)--saw her through defeating her addiction. In the wake of the scandal over Barlowe's murder, Mabel and Frank married but divorced within four years.

The Second Great War saw Mabel become very popular in terms of entertaining Allied troops. During the war, she became engaged to an officer in the Solemn League Navy, Augustus Wilson of Illinoise. Following the war, they wed and he eventually became the manager of her career, which went generally very well. She was able to make the transition from ingenue to character roles with little difficulty. When Wilson died in a train accident in 1975 she went into semi-retirement, doing very few roles until her own death from a heart attack years later.

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