Mızar Aman Beğ-ulı

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Mızar Aman Beğ-ulı
Title: Ilxan of Turkestan
 Term in office: 1969–1980
 Predecessor: Jalan Quyrat-ulı
 Successor: Hamra Maxambet-ulı
 Date: Çiçqan jıl 1912
 Place: Taşqand, Üzbekistan Province
 Date: 3- Çavır, Tüyü jıl 1980
3rd April 1980
 Place: Buxara, Üzbekistan Province
Profession: Political Leader
Political Party: EBÜK
Ethnic Origin: Üzbek
Relgious Affiliation: Manesianity


Mızar Aman Beğ-ulı was the second Ilxan of Turkestan. During the reign of his predecessor Jalan Ilxan, he was one of the cadre of political movers-and-shakers that made up the Inner Keņes, and like most of his peers, Mızar ruled his Ministry of Trade and Industry as his own personal fiefdom. It was Mızar Ministiri who was responsible for implementing Jalan Ilxan's industrial growth and modernisation plans, and this gave him a lot of personal power.

Following the death of Jalan Ilxan in the early part of 1969, a bloody interregnum ensued in which the minister in charge of the Department of Homeland Security, Turwan Hafez, attempted to seize the Ilxanate for himself.

Turwan was without doubt the single most powerful member of Jalan Quyrat-ulı's Inner Keņes, controlling as he did the massive security and secret police apparatus, but his absolute ruthlessness and unsavoury personal character had alienated him from his peers. Enough of the other Inner Keņesçis eventually united behind Mızar's leadership that Turwan Hafez was overthrown and a warrant was issued to the regular Army for his arrest. Turwan committed suicide by dynamiting his own offices as the Army moved in to arrest him.

Mızar was acclaimed Ilxan by the remaining Keņesçis on 20- Jaltuqsan, Ätiş jıl 1969 (20th December 1969) and ruled until his death in 1980. He continued the pro-SNOR policies of his predecessor, but unlike Jalan Ilxan, Mızar Ilxan was less interested in aping all things Russian. It was in his time that the planned and purposeful introduction of Russian words into Turkestani languages was halted, and in some cases reversed – the Russian loan word "технолоия" ("technology"), for example, was replaced (again) by the Qurultaı-era borrowing from Chinese: "jışulıq".

Also during the Ilxanate of Mızar Aman Beğ-ulı, the armaments company ÜKÜ began to produce its first domestically-designed aircraft, rather than just licensed copies of Russian models.

Mızar was succeeded upon his death by Hamra Maxambet-ulı

Preceded by:
Jalan Quyrat-ulı

Ilxan Flag.PNG
Ilxan of Turkestan

Succeeded by:
Hamra Maxambet-ulı


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