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Llewfelen Iewen is an author of alternate histories, including a series on a renascent China, and various ones on diferent European histories. More than just writing a story, Iewen tries to make get an important point across in his novels

Currently lives in Castrecybi, Kemr.

Current Works

  • Imperium Monde series (1996-present)
    • Rebirth of the Dragon (1996)
    • Fire and Steel (1998)
    • Call to Arms (2000)
    • The Cross and the Sun (2003)
    • From Sea to Sky (2005)
    • Bountiful Blackness (TBR)
  • So much for that series (1992-1997)
    • Eagle's Counterstrike (1992)
    • Torment of the Jaguars (1995)
    • Setting Sun, Rising Star (1997)
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