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Wars of Ill Bethisad
1212-1217The Manican CrusadeCrusade against Arvorec Schismatics.
1625-1628Cañei War (Japan)War by Christians against the "pagan idol" (the Emperor)
1632-1634Belos Lor BarbadúsWar between the Rydonaedeth and Lundy
1700-1721Great Northern War
1702England invades and annexes Florida
1772First partition of the RTC
1790French Revolution
1791-1801Haytian Uprising
1791Louisianne Revolution
1793Second partition of the RTC
1806Castile re-annexes Florida
1821Hayti unites the island of Hispañola.
18281828 War between NAL and Louisianne
1832 The Louisiannan populace revolts in the Summer Revolution
1868-?First Balkan War
1868-1869Attempted secession by First Republic of Ezo
1870 The monasteries gain their independence as the Serene Monastic Republic of the Holy Mountain.
18981898 War
1893-1895Sino-Japanese War
1903Florida annexes Hispañola
1903-1905First Russo-Japanese War
1903-1915Haytian civil war
1910-1911Second Russo-Japanese War
1914-1917(?)First Great War
1916-1918Arab Rebellion
1916-1922Basmachi Revolt Turkestani war of independence against Russia
1917-1919Russian Civil War
1920Chinese invasion of Corea, Lùquiù, and Taiwan
1925Chinese invasion of Japan, establishment of puppet government
1929Pope´s War. Roman Republic dismantled.
1930-1931Maasai wars - at the end Lithuania overtakes Maasai
1931Attempted invasion of Turkestan by Russia
1934-1938Russo-Chinese War
1936First Slavic Uprising unsuccessful attempt by Slavs of Lithuania to overtake the rule
1937Maasai uprising - it is crushed by Lithuanian forces.
1937-1949Great Oriental War
1939-1949Second Great War
1942-1951Japanese Civil War
1944-1947Civil War in Danubian Confederation
1946-1949Central Asian War
1953Cuban revolution
1956Suez Crisis
1959Hajji War
1967-1970Biafra secession from Gold Coast
1970-1973Logone Empire's secession from Upper Volta
1973-1999Logone Insurgency
1980War between Hunan and Nanhanguo
1980-1988Persia-Iraaq War
1985Benin secession from Togo
1988Great Balkan War
1990-1991Gulf War
1991-1994Qaşgar War Between Turkestan and Uyguristan over seceding Ugyur province
1996Slovenia secedes from CSDS
2001-2001Sanjaki Civil War; Dalmato-Sanjaki War
2002-2003Florida-Caribbea's invasion of Hayti
2003War between Hunan and Canton
2003Tejan War
2004Florida War
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