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The Lessinu Reformed Orthography is the orthography of Lessinu proposed by the Lesinix Nacional Partae.

Here I will outline it, comparing it with the main orthography in the area, highlighting the differences.

|ei| - |ae|
Some vowels add |h|, to be etymologically correct
|ß| - |s|
|sch| - |x|
|ch| - |j|
|za|, |zo|, |zu| - |ça|, |ço|, |çou|
|zi|, |ze|, |zy| - |ci|, |ce|, |cu|
|ki|, |ke|, |ky| - [qui], [que], [quu]
|u| - |ou|
|y| - |u|

As you can see, it is something of a hodgepodge from various romance sources, including French, Spanish(Modern and Old) and Latin

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